ACCUSCAPE™ PROSeries 65 ft Automatic Hose Reel

ACCUSCAPE™ PROSeries 65 ft Automatic Hose Reel

  • Automatic retracting sysyem
  • Swivels 180 degrees when mounted to wall
  • Locking device to hold hose at any length

Product Overview

Easily mount the ACCUSCAPE™ PROSERIES 65’ Automatic Hose Reel to a fence or siding for effortless cleanup after your watering tasks. This reel features a 180 degree swivel, providing a great ease of use, while saving space. The handy locking mechanism allows you to secure the hose at any desired length. To recoil, simply give the hose a gentle tug and it will retract back into the housing. This reel includes a 65’ x ½” lightweight hose with brass couplings.

Additional Features


  • Outdoor Gardening



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  • Manufactured by Bondco Enterprises and Bond Manufacturing Company under license.