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BankersHub® works to give financial institutions access to high quality training at an affordable price.

BankersHub® works to give financial institutions access to high quality training at an affordable price.

Leading Financial Services training company drives revenue with online education

Erin O’Donnell and Michael Beird are the two co-founders of BankersHub®. The company is dedicated to supporting and educating financial institutions around the globe with the latest industry best practices, research insights, economic trends, and consumer views.

They accomplish their mission through online education – most notably, their all-access 12-month Passport membership. Whilst they broke into education technology quite early, they’ve also realized the importance of staying ahead of the curve with the latest technology.

Through Thinkific Plus, BankersHub® has continued to lead the way in financial services training by offering a streamlined process and more client autonomy.

With Thinkific Plus, BankersHub® has seen an increase in both revenue and engagement for customers on their platform.







“I really love that [customers] can log in, go to their dashboard, get every playback, get every LIVE event that they want. That they don’t have to keep looking for links to this webinar and that webinar. The purchasing, the product... everything is housed under the one roof that is Thinkific Plus.”Erin O’Donnell Co-Founder and Managing Director of Education & Events Technology, BankersHub®

Looking to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving financial services industry BankersHub® used online courses to serve their customers better

Filling the education gap


In 2008-2009, the Global Financial Crisis occurred. Many financial institutions were severely affected and as a result, travel budgets for employees to attend live conferences and skills training were slashed.

The two co-founders of BankersHub ® set out to fill the gap, providing online education to financial organizations via online courses, webinars, virtual events, and conferences. 

Today, over 10 years later, BankersHub ® is still empowering financial organizations to take charge of their employees’ education without worrying about in-house training using online courses.

“We wanted something that would allow us and our clients to track what our students were doing, what they were watching, and how many people were watching them. We really wanted to get good analytics and have everything under one roof, which is Thinkific Plus.”

Erin O’Donnell, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Education & Events Technology, BankersHub®

Choosing Thinkific Plus to create a great customer experience


Before Thinkific Plus, BankersHub® used a combination of webinars, virtual events, and in-person events to offer their education programs.

BankersHub® chose Thinkific Plus to set up their training academy, BankersCollegeTM, based on a number of features that improved their customer experience. They needed an easy to use platform for both their team and their clients to enable seamless B2B selling.

With a quickly growing corporate client base, BankersHub® also wanted their communication and delivery systems to keep pace to maintain their high level of customer service. They have done this in part thanks to Thinkific Plus’s built-in administrative and communication features, which has allowed BankersHub® to improve customer support without increasing headcount.

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Reaching more clients and increasing revenue with online courses


Since launching their courses on Thinkific Plus, BankersHub ® has seen steady growth – both in the number of enrollments as well as revenue. 

“Overall last year we had about 8% revenue growth. This was the first real significant growth in revenue that we had seen, and we really attribute it to people liking the fact that there is a more formal platform. It’s not an onerous process. All they need is a name and email,” says Michael Beird. 

Since investing in online courses as a customer education strategy, BankersHub ® has seen an increase in sales and student engagement, helping to continue to grow their business in more ways than one.

“The online education industry is changing so quickly - with things like virtual events and virtual trade shows. We really want to stay ahead of the curve and be able to bring our customers the cutting edge of technology [with Thinkific Plus].”Erin O’Donnell, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Education & Events Technology, BankersHub®

BankersHub®'s favourite Thinkific Plus features

Easily integrate with online events

By creating technical systems around live streaming events and storing playbacks via the Thinkific Plus platform, BankersHub® has expanded the capabilities and reach of their business.

Unlimited growth potential

By using Thinkific Plus’s feature to assign unlimited representatives of financial institution clients as Group Analysts, BankersHub® has given their clients control over their employees' learning experiences. Being able to access detailed metrics and progress reports empowers their clients, and differentiates BankersHub® from competitors that solely provide content.

Support that is fun and easy to work with

When asked about their experience working with our Customer Success team, Michael replied, “It’s been fun for us – our lead developer has worked with many different clients, and he made a comment late last year, that Zoë has been the best relationship manager he’s ever encountered at another company – she’s just so good. And I would echo that sentiment.”

Download the case study to learn how BankersHub® uses Thinkific Plus to empower financial organisations to take charge of their employee’s education.