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Unlocking a lifetime of subscriber growth and retention

Unlocking a lifetime of subscriber growth and retention

Building a Subscription Academy to deliver education using Thinkific Plus.

A unique Revenue Growth Management platform to acquire, grow, retain, and manage customers.

Chargebee's mission with Subscription Academy was to provide comprehensive, accessible education for subscription businesses worldwide. They aimed to create a positive impact by equipping businesses with the knowledge to navigate the subscription economy successfully.

Before using Thinkific Plus, Chargebee faced challenges in delivering a seamless learning experience that could scale with their growing user base. Their goal was to create an online academy that offered high-quality, interactive courses while also being easy to manage and scale.

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"To expand our reach, we extended access to our Academy beyond our existing customers. Strategically, we diversified our marketing channels, encompassing SEO, Paid search, Paid social, organic social and various others. Recognizing the paramount importance of a robust and reliable LMS to facilitate our substantial growth, Thinkific became the clear choice." Srikar Chitturi, Full Stack Marketer at Chargebee

Subscription Academy stands as a testament to Chargebee's dedication to fostering education and ensuring customer success.

5400+ professionals across various companies are unlocking revenue secrets daily at Subscription Academy

5400+ professionals across various companies are unlocking revenue secrets daily at Subscription Academy

Building Subscription Academy

Subscription Academy is a testament to Chargebee's commitment to education and customer success. It all began with a vision to create a comprehensive online learning platform that could cater to a diverse set of learners, from SaaS novices to seasoned professionals. The initial offering was two certifications, but the ambition was grand.

As the team at Chargebee began building the academy, they leaned heavily on their internal practitioners and external subject matter experts . Each course was meticulously designed by leveraging adult learning theory, with topics divided into digestible lessons and the most effective delivery method ensuring that the knowledge imparted would be retained effectively by the learners.

Empowering Customer Success Through Online Education


Subscription Academy quickly grew, offering a host of expert masterclasses, courses and certifications around key themes of billing operations, revenue recognition, pricing experiments, subscription analytics and churn management. Today, the Academy is being accessed by over 5400+ learners spread across 20+ countries. But the team didn’t stop there. Recognizing the value of their Customer Success team’s expertise, they integrated this team into the Academy’s operations. Now, these Customer Success professionals, well-versed in the content, can direct customers to relevant courses when they identify gaps in their understanding.

Today, Subscription Academy stands as a testament to Chargebee’s commitment to empowering its customers and the broader subscription business community spread across SaaS, E-commerce, e-learning, e-publishing, and OTT sectors. The ultimate vision for Subscription Academy is to become a one-stop solution for all subscription-related business knowledge in an age when everyone is keen on unlocking a subscription-based revenue model.

“Here at Chargebee, we are committed to building Subscription Academy as a go-to place for professionals on business best practices and hands-on knowledge on all-things-subscriptions. Thinkific Plus offers exceptional scalability, enabling businesses to grow their course offerings and student base without any limitations. It can handle unlimited courses, students, and bandwidth, ensuring that businesses can expand their e-learning offerings without worrying about technical constraints.”

- Guy Marion, CMO at Chargebee
Exclusive online courses, certifications and expert masterclasses for SaaS professionals.

Exclusive online courses, certifications and expert masterclasses for SaaS professionals.

Harnessing a Robust Platform for High-Quality Content Delivery


Chargebee’s Subscription Academy team utilized Thinkific Plus as the foundation for building the Subscription Academy. They strategically harnessed the platform's user-friendly interface, dependable analytics, and seamless integration features to design and offer top-notch courses to their learners. This approach allowed them to deliver a learning experience that excelled in both engagement and information delivery, setting a standard for quality education.

Online Learning Milestones of Subscription Academy

Iterating Towards Success

Since the inception of Subscription Academy, the team’s diligent focus on optimizing key success metrics has yielded commendable results, which include:

  • Global Reach: Subscription Academy’s influence now extends beyond national borders, attracting 5400+ learners from over 20 countries worldwide.
  • Diverse Learning Community: The Academy has evolved into a vibrant hub for learners representing a diverse spectrum of backgrounds, including students, professionals at various stages of their careers, and industry leaders such as CEOs, founders, CFOs, CTOs, and managers.
  • Positive Online Engagement: Subscription Academy’s positive impact is reflected in its active online presence, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. More than 800 learners have enthusiastically shared their certifications and spoken of their enriching learning experiences.

These milestones are a testament to the Academy’s commitment to providing accessible and valuable education to learners.

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Building a scalable Customer Education Program

Chargebee's Tips For Online Learning Success

Chargebee’s Subscription Academy journey highlights the importance of choosing an LMS for your Customer Education Program that aligns with your business goals, offers scalability, and provides robust analytics for continuous improvement. 

Here are three actionable tips that Chargebee’s Subscription Academy team shared for SaaS businesses looking to build a scalable Customer Education program:

  1. Conduct Learner Interviews: Understanding the learner’s journey can provide more insights than analyzing feedback from a spreadsheet. Direct interaction with learners can help you understand their needs, preferences, and challenges, which can be instrumental in shaping your education program.
  2. Strategize Your Nudging Campaigns: Your online academy is just a part of your customer’s life. When designing marketing nudging campaigns, it’s important to strike a balance in communication. Too many touchpoints can lead to unsubscribes, while too few can make customers feel unimportant. Analyze the right amount of touchpoints and the right content to communicate with your learners effectively.
  3. Stay Updated with Learning Trends: Always keep an eye on learning trends, especially if you are imparting industry-specific knowledge. This will help you to update your course material and keep it relevant and engaging for your learners.
“Thinkific Plus offers exceptional scalability, enabling businesses to grow their course offerings and student base without any limitations. It can handle unlimited courses, students, and bandwidth, ensuring that businesses can expand their e-learning offerings without worrying about technical constraints.”- Somya Barpanda, Product Marketing Manager, Chargebee

See how your SaaS business can build a successful online learning program.

Understanding your learners, strategizing your communication, and staying updated with industry trends are key takeaways from Chargebee's experience.

They've demonstrated how a well-structured and customer-centric online academy can significantly enhance customer education and engagement, ultimately leading to improved product adoption and business growth.

As you consider your own customer education initiatives, remember that the right platform can make all the difference. Chargebee found success with Thinkific Plus, thanks to its robust features and dedicated customer success team. We encourage you to explore Thinkific Plus and see how it can empower your own educational mission.

Chargebee's favorite Thinkific Plus features

Thinkific Analytics

Chargebee uses Thinkific Analytics to track and export learner data for internal analysis. This feature allows them to understand their learners better and make data-driven decisions to improve their courses.

Seamless Integrations

Thinkific Plus offers seamless integrations with other platforms. Chargebee specifically likes the smooth integration with Accredible for delivering certifications to their learners. They also use Zapier to automate tasks.

Course Creation

The ease of course creation in Thinkific Plus is a feature that Chargebee highly values. They found the process of placing content in the form of a course and taking it to market to be a smooth ride. This feature allows them to focus more on the content itself rather than the technical aspects of course creation.


Thinkific Plus allows for the inclusion of quizzes in the courses. Chargebee uses this feature to engage its learners and test their understanding of the course material. They have experimented with placing shorter quizzes after each chapter and longer quizzes at the end of the certification.

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